Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I sat back up onto the couch between the two naked girls. As I sat down, with my dick still in my bloody hand, their legs opened up like creaking doors. As soon their vaginas came into view, blood started to pour from their creases. Their necks split open and heads fell back like hinges. Crimson poured down like waterfalls as their heads finally snapped off and rolled off of the couch. I remember that I was completely naked by this point and still jerking off with ALICE’s blood. Almost to the point of climax, the headless whores suddenly went down on me. It was almost too much for one man to handle. When the moment came for the sudden blast, I looked deep into ALICE’s dead eyes but no longer saw any trace of SHERRY in them. I came to the surface as she bled out below the ground.

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