Monday, November 15, 2010

parking lot level one

part one: my struggle

over black. we see nothing.

all that can be heard is a woman moaning in pain. we hear her scream as only afterwards a dull thud of a punch is heard repeatedly as if an mp3 is accidentally looped on quicktime player. i’m the one with the fist.

                 - i told you not to fucking scream - (peace) (peace) (peace)

and then there’s crying. oh my god, the crying. so much fucking crying on my hands. all the hands on me: groping, poking, stroking. this is death.


PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES NOW. if you would. i implore you all to look around the room and experience the space as i once experienced it. a small one room apartment which used to be a hotel room. there’s a bathroom off one side of the room and a tiny-ass kitchen off the other side. this is the abode of alice, my one-time lover. my eternal lover.

messy. like a boyish-girly college student would keep it. cothes and drug paraphernalia. you will see it. you will hear it. you will taste it. and you will experience it like you were there yourself.

we are both here. myself (one form of david, jacob, or the nilotic) and alice. both naked. both on the floor. i am on top of alice’s small form and i am penetrating her repeatedly without apology. i’m pretty sure this is what they call rape. one detail is that i’m holding her arms down above her head. pinned to the foor like jesus’s nails.
                female vaginal suffocation

ALICE is 22 but looks like she is 12. five foot zero. ninety-five pounds. her tiny tits sport perky nipples that bounce as I fuck her soul savagely. her D&G glasses seem a bit too big for her face and she is crying behind them.

                           - i told you not to fucking make any noise - (love) (love) (love)

duct tape
    2 tha
                side of me

deck ----her her her
in the face.   *blood*
and punishment for shrieking slap tape over hur mouth.
            rape her mercilessly. please. i beg you this.

then, stopping for a second, i look lovingly into her eyes and lean down for a kiss over the tape.

- i love you alice -


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