Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I pulled a small bag of cocaine out of my pocket and proceeded to pour a line into the crook of ALICE’s collar bone. Rolling up a dollar bill, I began to notice figures emerging from the shadows. These forms had already been there, I just had subconsciously decided they wouldn’t be there during my moment of loneliness. Just me and the body. But not anymore. I was at a party and the other guests were starting to take form in my periphery. They all had some sort of alcoholic drink in their hand and were swaying to some almost indecipherable beat. I placed the dollar between my nostril and the line of coke on her collar bone. As I sniffed the line, two girls appeared behind me on the couch: one on each cushion on either side of the middle one. They were naked with their legs closed. I put the dollar back in my pocket and undid the button on my pants. Slowly I unzipped my fly then slid my hand into my boxers and wrapped my fingers around the cock inside. Suddenly I pulled my penis out of hiding but let it go and dipped my hand into the opening of ALICE’s chest. I began to masturbate with the blood as lubricant.

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