Friday, December 24, 2010

alice (the poem)

When I was a baby, I was born through the looking glass
What it is, it wouldn’t be and I sink into the grass
I looked up at the sky and dreamt of the Land of Wonder
Falling through the glass, my world was torn asunder
I thought I was Lewis Carroll, but I am really Alice
Remembering the field they took me to, I’m feeling the malice
Because they raped me again and again and flashed their cameras
Clouds flash, time-lapse, and white knights help me forget about the love
Eat me, Drink me, adapting to where I need to go, I’m grabbing the gloves
But the fan makes me shrink to the size of a child
I’ve become the little girl, written my fate and styled
The experience to that of a trip
Sip, sip this and lick the tip
Of the tea cup that flies with the butter
He stuttered, and I was his dream child
And being a pornographer could make him seem wild
But I understand this and what he was about
I love him nonetheless, so there’s no need to shout

I just wish to kiss the Mad Hatter
The curiouser and curiouser doesn’t really matter
Since the March Hare be my pet
Chess set is my home but I’m caught in the net
Of hookah, dreams, and caterpillar lies
Time sighs in the dust, forget all my tries
To educate the Tweedles, it just seems unwise
To outrun the Jabberwocky on his own terrain
I’ll lead it to the Queen cause she’s become a pain
In my face, this isn’t a race to the other side of the board
But if you play by the rules, there’s no exit of your own accord

Daddy, do you remember when I wore that yellow dress for you?
It is true that you hated me, baited me, created me from all that’s new
Come true, my dreams, please, I beg you for hallucinations
Sensations up my spine and remind me of a world of situations
Distractions from a life unlived, revived and contrived
From stories dug up from long ago
You wrote me, these are the seeds that I sow
And now and then I’ll still be your little girl
Throw me down the rabbit hole and let the colors swirl

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